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                                                                  Customer Base Workplace Capacity Building & Personal Development Training Programs 

                                       (Upon request Study Visit, Sightseeing Activities, Research Activities & Joint Scholarship Program could be part of Cooperation)


Call for Sending Partners & IPD Country Representation
If you wish to be Country Representative of IPD, please contact us by email for we discuss further cooperation possibilities

- If your Company, Organisation or Group looking for Capacity Building & Skills Development Training Courses for employees, groups, students and community members please fill the following form and send us by email. After evaluation of your filled Partner Registration Form IPD will prepare special proposal and price for mutual partnership.

Privileges for Sending Group Leader
- If number of paid participants at least 21 people - Accommodation, breakfast & lunch, Basel city public transport ticket and training cost expenses will be free for 1 Group Leader
- If number of paid participants at least 26 people - Economic base international roundtrip flight tickets, visa and travel insurance, Accommodation, breakfast & lunch, Basel city public transport ticket and training cost expenses will be free for 1 Group Leader
- All prices include 10% Award for partner sending organisation (bank transfer expenses will not be charge by IPD during Award payment process)



Institute for Peace & Dialogue (IPD) would like to increase its close and durable cooperation with state, public and private institutions, companies, universities, schools, sales agents, marketing groups as well with the individual group leaders to deliver joint Customer Base Workplace Skills & Capacity Building Training Programs for Executive or Junior employees.

After long-term Corona pandemic restrictions and obstacles, we think our new designed Capacity Building Work & Field Base Training Courses could be very useful and fruitful for many employees and as well for job seekers whose looking forward to get new innovative job-related skills or refresh they forgotten gained knowledge.  From the daily program schedule candidates can see besides the Education part of the program, we as well thought about the comprising to cover Vocational and Sightseeing needs of the participants.

IPD has extensive experience in designing and delivering educational Customer Base Training programs for partner institutions through its renowned experts and experienced trainers.

Since 2013 IPD educated hundreds of participants from all over the world counties and currently available 50 professional trainers in its expert’s portfolio.

Customer Base Capacity Building Training Program strives to empower various organisations, companies and as well individuals with necessary tools and high-impact learning experience to be ready for effective and efficient work-life performance and to be more ready for strategic and longer-term work plans.

Besides the tailor base training courses for Senior, Middle & Junior level employees, we can also design training programs for various group of participants like school children and young people.

If you wish to cooperate with IPD and send your group of delegation to the joint Executive or Junior Certificate Training Courses we will be so happy for this long term cooperation.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon by email to plan, design and realise Executive or Junior Certificate Training Courses for your group of delegation.

After receiving your cooperation request and filled registration form, we will design and supply you with relevant tailor base training course package for hosting your delegation group.

Additionally, IPD also welcome to discuss other kind of mutual cooperation proposals includes organising Conferences, Seminars, Forums, Special Scholarship & Award Programs dedicated to the Sponsor name, Study Visit Tours, Research Programs and Exhibitions.

Please select the training subject/s which you are interested for your company/organisation or group

- Coaching, Mentoring, Case Management, Personal & Organisational Development

- Effective Human Resources Management: Strategic Roles, Responsibilities & Recruitment Process

- Humanitarian Aid, Migration, Human Trafficking & Refugees

- Leadership, Personnel Administration & Team Management

- Talents Development, Employee Performance Management & Successful Employee Motivation

- Incident & Crisis Management

- Management Employee Integration, Planning Gender, Diversity Management & Inclusion & Cross-Cultural Awareness

- Leadership Culture, Social Responsibility, Ethics & Trust Building

- Time Management, Strategic Project Planning, Writing & Management

- Effective Conflicts Prevention, Management, Resolution & Transformation

- Peacebuilding, Peacekeeping & Non-Violence Actions

- Interreligious & Interfaith Dialogue

- Mediation & Negotiation Skills

- Environment Base Conflicts, Global Mining, Disaster Risks, Climate Change & Food Security

- Trauma, Healing, Reconciliation & Forgiveness

- Presentation Skills, Working with Media, Advocacy, Public Relations & Capacity Building

- International Law (Criminal Law or Migration Law or Commercial Law) & Justice

- Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation

- Human Rights, Active Participation, Election & Observation

- Anti-Corruption & Transparency

- Diplomacy, International Security, Disarmament & International Relations

- International Humanitarian & Trade Organisations

- Global Economy

- Social Work

- Psychology

- Women & Children Rights, Gender Equality

- Municipality & Community Development

- Other relevant topics: Upon requests

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                                                                        Looking forward to building fruitful and durable partnership with your Institution