IPD Academic Programs: Theory - Practice - Research - Exchange - Networking
We bring together Academicians, State, Private & Public Sectors

 I World Peace Ambassadors Forum & Peace Ambassadors Award: 7 August, 2022

Registration Deadline: 21 June, 2022

 - 13th Summer Academy

Capacity Building Workplace, Fieldbase & Academic Professional Training Courses

I Session: 2 - 7 August, 2022

II Session: 7 - 14 August, 2022

I + II Session: 2 - 14 August 2022

- 3 Month Summer Research Program: 2 August - 30 October, 2022

Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: 5 May, 2022

Late Application & Payment Deadline: 1 July, 2022 


Basel, Switzerland



IPD is proud to announce the next International Summer Programs, which are to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Applicants can choose between the 13th Summer Academy and the 3-Month Research Program which may be combined with the 13th Summer Academy participation depending on the applicants` desire and filled application.

Participants will have access to expert knowledge and hands-on experience as all our facilitators are specialists with years of experience academically and professionally in their respective fields. This is truly a great opportunity not to be missed to get or refresh the knowledge, skills and create new worldwide friendship and networks. 

13-day Summer Academy offer lectures and classes via non-formal, interactive and practical methods by the experienced teachers with professional and academic background include the following stated methodologies:

- Interactive teaching based on research and professional experience, illustrated by practical cases

- Lectures through open presentation and panel discussions

- Workplace case studies, situational examples and success stories telling

- Problem solving group works, paired practice discussion/exchange and self/group reflections

- Individual approach, role plays, group presentations and assignments

- Short video film coaching. 

Participation in all Modules is mandatory to get Certificate

Career Opportunities


- Participation in 13 th Summer Academy gives the participants education and network to build their future career worldwide level in state, private and public sectors as peace builder, manager, lawyer, diplomat, human resource officer, mediator, international and public relations manager, mentor, coacher and in etc. relevant jobs.

- Participating as researcher in 3 Month Research Program could assist you to apply PhD programs with fresh research skills, to join various institutions as professional researcher or expert (Parliament, Research Centres, Think Tank Institutions, Universities, Various States organizations) or as trainer. 

Why Basel as Ideal Venue for Visit

- To enjoy from marvelous Swiss Nature, visiting City Library, Museums, Zoo and Theater during the free time and weekends period

- Basel is a home city of oldest university (more than 550 years) of Switzerland and there have plenty research, innovation and teaching institutions in different spheres

- Existence of many world leading multinational companies in the pharmacy, law, agrochemicals, medical engineering, IT, logistics, finance and communications fields

- Basel is essential location in Europe which connect South Europe with North Europe, East Europe with West Europe by rail, plane (EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg), ship, tram, bus and auto roads

- Basel located at the heart of Europe where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet which also makes easy of daily visiting more people from neighbour countries with using of convenient public transport

- Existence of plenty hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, cinemas, green parks and shopping places gives opportunity to the guest of the Basel city to spend comfortable and enjoyable time

- Hotel guests in Basel can use the city's public transport free-of-charge with their BaselCard. This card also allows to the guest to enter many public places with 50% discount and free surfing on the guest WiFi

- Visiting of Zoo in Basel which is oldest Zoo in Switzerland

- Basel is the safe place for visit and it`s gives positive feeling while talking with friendly and hospitable local people

- Walking in Rhine riverside could relax and gives you fabulous time

- Basel is well-known as Football Capital of Switzerland

13 Day Summer Academy: 2 - 14 August, 2022

Ms. Hoenig, Gundhild Class Days: 3 & 4 August, 2022

Day 1 Topic (Whole class day): Effective conflict intervention through Conflict-Coaching and Mediation across Cultures

Day 2 Topic (Whole class day): Diversity and Inclusion - intention and approach across cultures and faiths


Doc. Dr. Alexander Weisner Class Days: 5 & 6 August, 2022

Day 1 Topic (Whole Class Day): Conflict Analysis Tools and Techniques

Day 2 Topic (Half Class Day): Planning of Intervention in Conflicts


Mr. Joe Gerada Class Days: 8 & 9 August, 2022

Day 1 Topic (Whole class day): Mediation concepts and processes

Day 2 Topic (Whole class day): Leadership in Mediation


Prof. Alicia Cabezudo Class Days: 10 & 11 August, 2022

Day 1 Topic (Whole class day): Culture of peace and conflict transformation building by peaceful means

Day 2 Topic (Half class day): Interpersonal dialogue and cross-cultural negotiations


Mr. Marc Finaud Class Days: 12 & 13 August, 2022

Day 1 Topic (Whole class day): Conflict mapping and security policy prioritization (with exercise)

Day 2 Topic (Whole class day): Communication and chairing skills (with exercise) 

Summer Academy Timetable

- Arriving of Participants (Check in after 14:00): 2 & 7 August

- Breakfast Time: 7:00 - 9:00

- Morning Workshops Period: 9:00 - 12:30

- First Break Time: 10:30 - 11:00

- Lunch Time: 12:30 - 13:30

- Afternoon Workshops Period: 13:30 - 16:30

- Second Break Time: 14:45 - 15:00

- Free Day (No Class & Lunch): 7 August

- Certification: 6 & 13 August

- Departure of Participants (Check-out till the 10.00): 7 & 14 August

- Half Class Days: 6 & 11 August till the 12.30

3-Month Research Program Important Dates & Activities

- Arrival date: 2 August, 2022

- Education Part: Participating in  SA during the 2 - 14 August, 2022

- Practice Part: Visit to 2 - 4 Swiss Institutions: 20 August - 25 October, 2022

- Research Part: Writing research paper (Min 5 pages): 20 August - 25 October, 2022 together with Supervisor.

- Departure date: 30 October, 2022 (If researcher would like to stay more than 3 months, please write about your desired period in your application form for we calculate new budget for your participation)

Summer Programs Language: English

Intercultural Exchange

In order to capitalize on these diverse backgrounds of our participants, we encourage the exchange of each representative’s own unique heritage and culture through the sharing of national clothes, drinks, foods, sweets, souvenirs, flags, etc. during the Summer Academy 2022. 

Eligible Participants

A broad range of the interested participants from various countries within the fields mentioned below can apply to the Summer Programs 2022:

- Representatives of Government Institutions, Diplomatic Missions and Courts

- Representatives of Business Institutions and Private Sector

- Representatives of Religious Organizations and Political Parties

- Representatives of IOs, INGOs and Local NGOs

- Representatives of Universities, Academic Staff, Researchers and Students

- Representatives of Media Institutions

- Lawyers, Mediators, Coachers, Mentors and Peacebuilders

- Other potential individuals 

Alumni Participants of IPD Programs represented State Institutions, Embassies, Private Institutions, Universities, Swiss Government, Australian Government, Romanian Government, UK Government, European Union, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Union, United Nations, UNWOMEN, IOM, UNDP, UNICEF, ICRC, Peace Brigades International, Soros Foundation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Welthungerhilfe, Save the Children and etc. institutions and also individuals (Students, Researchers, Philanthropists, Trainers, Teachers, Scientists, Activists, Journalists and etc.). 

To be Guest Participant

Guest Participants could be able to select any Summer Academy topic and apply to join 1 or 2 class days. Participation will cost 220EUR (Un-refundable) per selected class days for Guest Participants. This fee includes invitation letter, certificate, course materials, badge, 1 lunch and 1 or 2 coffee breaks. 

To be Sending Organisations

We invite state, private, public and academic institutions from different countries to send their individual or group participants to our short- or long-term academic programs. If your organization is interested in a partnership, we welcome your proposal by email. 

To be Sponsor: Please contact by email till the 30 June 2022 

- For Individual Donation: 10EUR and above

- For Organizational Donation: 50EUR and above

- To be Bronze Sponsor: 1000EUR and above

- To be Silver Sponsor: 5000EUR and above

- To be Gold Sponsor: 10000EUR and above

- To be Platinum Sponsor: 20000EUR and above

- To be Diamond Sponsor: 30000EUR and above

PS: Please visit our website to get more information Sponsors` Benefits & Privileges

Scholarship & Discounts

IPD offers support for most needed potential participants in the form of reduced participation fees.

If you wish to request a discounted participation fee amount, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period.

Unfortunately IPD scholarship program does not cover all of the participation fee and international travel expenses. There have following discount opportunities:

- 10% discount for Alumni of IPD programs

- 10% discount for paying together with group of participants (More than 2 person)

- 10% discount for Annual ProPeace Members

Participation Fee for Summer Programs: All the fees stated below calculated per participant

A) Summer Academy Participation Fee

I Session: 2 - 7 August, 2022 (6 Days / 5 Nights)

- Early Bird Application Fee with Single Room: 1800EUR

- Early Bird Application Fee with Double Room: 1600EUR

- Early Bird Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 850EUR


- Late Application Fee with Single Room: 2050EUR

- Late Application Fee with Double Room: 1850EUR

- Late Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 1150EUR

II Session: 7 - 14 August, 2022 (8 Days / 7 Nights) 

- Early Bird Application Fee with Single Room: 2250EUR           

- Early Bird Application Fee with Double Room: 2050EUR

- Early Bird Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 1250EUR


- Late Application Fee with Single Room: 2500EUR

- Late Application Fee with Double Room: 2300EUR

- Late Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 1400EUR

I + II Sessions: 2 - 14 August, 2022 (13 Days / 12 Nights) 

- Early Bird Application Fee with Single Room: 3950EUR

- Early Bird Application Fee with Double Room: 3550EUR

- Early Bird Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 2050EUR


- Late Application Fee with Single Room: 4450EUR

- Late Application Fee with Double Room: 4050EUR

- Late Application Fee without Accommodation & Breakfast: 2450EUR 


Participation Fee Includes

- Accommodation

- Two Meals per Day (Breakfast & Lunch expenses included in the fee)

- Course & Stationary Materials (Badge, File, Notebook and Pen)

- Free WiFi

- Program Fee

- Certificate

- Cables and adapters

- 2 times Coffee-Tea breaks per class days

- Invitation Letter

- Free BASELCARD for whose paid for Accommodation for whole training period which includes

1. Free Use of public transport in Basel City

2. Free WiFi at 17 hotspots

3. A one-time 50% discount on

- admission to museums (incl. special exhibitions)

- entry to Basel Zoo

- admission to Theater Basel (only applies to tickets purchased at the box office)

- 2-hour tour on the sightseeing bus

- walking tour of the old town

- scheduled trips on cruises offered by Basler Personenschifffahr

- Application Fee

B) 3-Month Research Program Fee

- Fee with Accommodation: 7800EUR until 5 May, 2022 or 8500EUR until 1 July, 2022 

- Fee without Accommodation: 4800EUR until 5 May, 2022 or 5500EUR until 1 July, 2022

Participation Fee Includes

- Single room stays expenses for research program period (with shared WC/Shower in Hostel, Hotel or Flat)

- Travel expenses to visit various 3 - 4 Swiss based Institutions

- Free Participation in Summer Academy 2022 (Only Lunch & Coffee-Break Expenses costs extra)

- Supervisor fee to guide the research paper & process

- Free WiFi

- Program fee

- Certificate

- Invitation Letter

- Stationary Materials (Folder, notebook, pen & badge) 

- Application Fee

C) Organizational or Product/Services Presentation - 750EUR (Please contact by email till the 30 June 2022) 

- Speech with Organizational or Product/Services Presentation in front of participants: Max. 30 min

- Free WiFi

- Cables and adapters

- Water dispenser (only still water) in the seminar room

- Invitation Letter

- 1 Table for promotional and publishing materials of Presenter/Organization 

D) Guest Participant: 220EUR per class day (Non-Refundable)

- Course materials

- Invitation letter

- 1 Lunch

- 1-2 times coffee breaks

- Certificate

- Stationary materials includes (badge, notebook, pen and folder)

E) Additional Expenses

- I World Peace Ambassadors Forum: 110EUR per person (Includes invitation letter + Apero) 

- Additional Single room stay includes breakfasts and local city transport ticket: 150EUR per night / person with Single room stay or 120EUR per night / person with Double room stay 

- Welcome meeting in Basel Airport and transfer to hotel: 120EUR per person

What is not Included in the Participation Fee?

Dinner, extra accommodation nights and meal expenses, international travel and travel-related expenses (visa & insurance fee expenses) are not included in the participation fee of Summer Programs 2022.

The Participation fee also does not cover extra persons’ (family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) accommodation and meal expenses.

Participants of the 3-Month Research Program are responsible for food and local travel expenses after participation in the Summer Academy.


Application Deadline & Participation Procedure Step by Step

Interested participants need to send the filled application in WORD format and scanned Passport Page (Only photo page) by email to fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch no later than 5 May, 2022 for the Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline or 1 July, 2022 for the Late Application & Payment Deadline. Please label your documents as “NAME” “SURNAME” “COUNTRY” “DOCUMENT NAME”. 

1. The participant submits a filled application in WORD format and scanned passport page by the Deadline

2. The participant will receive an invoice to start the payment of the requested participation fee amount

3. When the requested fee has been transferred to the bank account provided, the participant will receive an invitation letter via email. If visa application process is required, we will send the invitation letter by email to the relevant embassy.

NOTE: We strongly advice participants to submit the filled application as soon as possible, particularly if they require a visa to enter Switzerland or those who needs of more financial documentation process from his/her sending organization for participation sponsorship.

Cancellation Rules & Dates of Participation

Below stated high cancellation prices stated because of to prevent the mass application submission of non-serious people and prevent the financial risks of accommodation expenses.

Please note that after submission of the application, any participation cancellation until 25 May, 2022 the charge will be 750€ (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) for the participants of Summer Academy or 1950€ (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) for the participants of 3-Month Research Program (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) from the paid participation fee for the administrative charges.

For participation cancellation between 25 May and 11 July, 2022 the charge will be 1350€ (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) for the participants of Summer Academy or 4850€ (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) for the participants of 3-Month Research Program (not including bank transfer and exchange rates costs) from the paid participation fee for the administrative charges.

For participation cancellation after 11 July, 2022, there will be no refund on the paid participation fee.

Participant responsible to inform IPD directly by email or post about his/her participation cancellation.

Event Place & Accommodation

Please note that we have limited number of Accommodation rooms in our hand and that is why we strongly advice applicants do they best to register for Summer Programs as soon as possible for we can find available room SA program period.

Depending on the participation fee payment mentioned above, participants will stay in double or single rooms in Basel city during the registered Summer Academy period.

Researchers registered for 3 Month period will stay in Hotel, Hostel or in Flat in a separate single room. Due to the needs, request and financial opportunities of researcher we could also arrange furnished or unfurnished flats with 2-3 rooms in Basel city.

IPD Bank Account

Beneficiary`s Name: Institut für Frieden und Dialog (IPD)

Bank Name: PostFinance Ltd

Bank Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland

IBAN: CH 27 0900 0000 9157 7724 2



Contact person for any questions

Fakhrinur Huseynli


Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD / Institut für Frieden und Dialog (IPD)

Address; Ryffstrasse 23 

4056 Basel, Switzerland

E; fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch


Cell/WhatsApp: +41764316170

S: fakhrinur.huseynli

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If you have any problem to contact with us via your office email, then please try to write us via online contact form or via your personal email or 

via Skype and inform your IT Department about the technical problem.


 We are looking forward to see you in our Summer Programs 2022