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Executive Diploma in Management & Conflict Resolution

 Cal for Students for 2020 - 2021 Intake (On Campus or Online)

Application & Payment Deadline: 01 June for Winter Term & 01 November for Spring Term

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Duration: 1 Year (16 Modules)

Language: English

Participation: On Campus or Online (Upon Request)


Executive Diploma program main goal is to provide access to teaching, research and practitioner skills, to prepare professional experts to enable them to negotiate, mediate, manage and resolve any kind of conflicts as Manager with they gained academic knowledge and practical skills on inter-personal, community, regional, national and international levels in state, private and public sectors and foster decision making processes.

WINTER TERM: Starts in 01 October and Ends in 25 December (Total: 13 Weeks)

Module 1: Conflict Prevention, Management & Resolution - 2 Weeks

Module 2: Leadership, Team Building and Management - 3 Weeks

Module 3: Interpersonal Dialogue and Cross-Cultural Relations - 1 Week

Module 4: Advocacy and Capacity Building - 1 Week

Module 5: Human Resource Management - 2 Weeks

Module 6: Mediation - 1 Week

Module 7: Psychology - 1 Week

Module 8: Trauma Healing & Reconciliation - 1 Week

Module 9: Social Responsibility & Ethics - 1 Week


SPRING TERM: Starts in 01 March and Ends in 10 May (Total: 10 Weeks)

Module 10: Global Economics - 1 Week

Module 11: International Humanitarian & Trade Organisations - 1 Week

Module 12: Public Policy & Public Relations - 2 Weeks

Module 13: Diplomacy, International Relations and Security - 1 Week

Module 14: International Law & Justice - 2 Weeks

Module 15: Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation - 1 Week

Module 16: Coaching, Mentoring, Personal and Organisational Development - 2 Weeks


- Class Days: Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday (Every day from 09.00 till 12.00)

- Diploma Research Paper submission Deadline: Within the 3 Month after Graduation (Minimum 30 Pages)

- Winter School Holiday: 25 December - 01 March

- Summer School Holiday: 10 May - 01 October

- Summer or Winter Internship: (Minimum 3 months) June - September (Privilege & Advisable) 


Executive Diploma program offer lectures and classes via non-formal, interactive and practical methods include lectures, group games, case study and practical simulation, individual-group presentations, group games, documentary move presentations, discussions, self-assessments, self/group reflections, success stories telling and etc. methodologies by the experienced teachers with professional and academic background. Participation in all Modules is mandatory to get Diploma.



Executive Diploma program gives the students education and network to build their future career worldwide level in state, private and public sectors as manager, lawyer, diplomat, human resource officer, mediator, international and public relations manager, mentor, coacher and in etc. relevant jobs.

Other Benefits & Priviligies

- To build useful network, find potential partners and friends

- To get education via Interactive and Non-formal methods

- Worldwide working opportunities & career path at State, Private and Public institutions

- To get academic and professional knowledge from Swiss and non-Swiss experts

- To get Diploma, skills and knowledge in Management & Conflict Resolution fields for new career path

- To live in Basel which border with Germany and France

- To practice German, French and Italian languages with locals while studying

- To get education and Diploma during the 1 year period

- To enjoy from marvelous Swiss Nature during the free time, weekends and study vacation period



- Basel is a home city of oldest university (more than 550 years) of Switzerland and there have plenty research, innovation and teaching institutions in different spheres

- Existence of many world leading multinational companies in the pharmacy, law, agrochemicals, medical engineering, IT, logistics, finance and communications fields

- Basel is essential location in Europe which connect South Europe with North Europe, East Europe with West Europe by rail, plane (EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg), ship, tram, bus and auto roads

- Basel located at the heart of Europe where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet which also makes easy of daily visiting more people from neighbour countries with using of convenient public transport

- Existence of plenty hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, cinemas, green parks and shopping places gives opportunity to the guest of the Basel city to spend comfortable and enjoyable time

- Hotel guests in Basel can use the city's public transport free-of-charge with their BaselCard. This card also allows to the guest to enter many public places with 50% discount and free surfing on the guest WiFi

- Visiting of Zoo in Basel which is oldest Zoo in Switzerland

- Basel is the safe place for visit and it`s gives positive feeling while talking with friendly and hospitable local people

- Walking in Rhine riverside could relax and gives you fabulous time

- Basel is well-known as Football Capital of Switzerland


A broad range of the interested applicants (Age: 18+) from various countries within the below mentioned fields can apply to the Executive Diploma program:

- Representatives of Government Institutions, Diplomatic Missions and Courts

- Representatives of Business Institutions and Private Sector

- Representatives of Religious Organizations and Political Parties

- Representatives of IOs, INGOs and Local NGOs

- Representatives of Universities, Schools, Academic Staff, Researchers and Students

- Representatives of Media Institutions

- Managers, Lawyers, Mediators, Coachers, Mentors and Peacebuilders

- Other interested individuals

Alumni Participants IPD Programs represented State Institutions, Embassies, Private Institutions, Universities, Swiss Government, Australian Government, Romanian Government, UK Government, European Union, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Union, United Nations, UNWOMEN, IOM, UNDP, UNICEF, ICRC, NPAID, Peace Brigades International, Soros Foundation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Welthungerhilfe, Save the Children and etc. institutions and also individuals (Students, Researchers, Philanthropists, Trainers, Teachers, Scientists, Activists, Journalists and etc.).


We invite state, private, public and academic institutions from different countries to send their individual or group students to our short- or long-term academic programs. If your organization is interested in a partnership, we welcome your proposal by email.



- Tuition Fee without Accommodation (On Campus Study): 18000EUR for whole program period  

- Tuition Fee of Online Study (Individual Courses by Skype): 21000EUR for whole program period

- Accommodation Expenses in Basel city: 1000 - 1500EUR per month



IPD offers support for most needed potential students in the form reduced the tuition fees.

If you wish to request discounted tuition fee amount, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period.

Unfortunately IPD scholarship program do not cover the whole amount of tuition fee expenses.



Interested students need to send the filled application in WORD format as well as a CV and scanned Passport Page (Only photo page) by email to fhuseynli@ipdinstitute.ch no later than 01 June for Winter Term & 01 November for Spring Term. Please label your documents as “NAME” “SURNAME” “COUNTRY” “DOCUMENT NAME”.

1. The student submits a filled application in WORD format with a CV and scanned passport page by the deadline

2. The student will receive an invoice to start the payment of the requested tuition fee amount

3. When the requested fee has been transferred to the bank account provided, the student will receive an invitation letter via email. If visa application process is required, we will send the invitation letter by post and also to the relevant embassy by email.

NOTE: We strongly advice students to submit the filled application as soon as possible, particularly if they require a visa to enter Switzerland or those who are and who in need of more financial documentation for his/her education.



Please note that after submission of the application in any case of the participation cancellation till the starting of Executive Diploma program, there will be 50% cancellation fee amount of paid tuition fee + bank transfer and exchange rates costs will be extra charge.

Participation cancellation after beginning of the Executive Diploma program, there will be no refund.



Beneficiary`s Name: Institut für Frieden und Dialog (IPD)

Bank Name: PostFinance Ltd                                                           

Bank Address: Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland                         

Account number: 91-577724-2 EUR                     

IBAN: CH 27 0900 0000 9157 7724 2                   



Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is one of the leading organiser of many successful international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, security, intercultural dialogue, leadership and human rights. Through these events IPD bring together academicians, state, private and public sector representatives for the sake of empowering global education and building useful networking.

On the same time IPD implemented 3 EduCa Expo events in 2017, 2018 and 2019 with the participation of Exhibitors from Switzerland, Korea, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Taiwan, Australia, Belgium and United Arab Emirates.

IPD dedicates itself to the promotion of prevention of potential conflicts between and within states, companies and communities by strengthening institutional dialogue, mediation and academic education with the participation of civil societies, INGOs, business and state institutions.

To achieve this, IPD provides its beneficiaries with academic-scientific programs (Academic Programs and 3-12 Month Research Programs), educational materials and skills transfer.

IPD invites and work with state institutions, companies, INGOs, think tanks, researchers, media and interested public actors for the cooperation and implementation of conflict management. Through facilitating creative, innovative, effective and sustainable initiatives, IPD aims to empowering constructive intercultural dialogue, good global governance, responsible leadership, peaceful conflict transformation, active global citizenship, human security and welfare through, amongst others, mediation and non-violence methods. IPD is a non-commercial, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation.



Do you want to Contribute for Education of Students/Researchers from Developing Countries?

Donate and Make Others Happy!

Provided that organizing such kind of international academic programs is quite expensive we invite State Institutions, Foundations, Private Sector, Universities, Public Sector and Individual Philanthropists to be Sponsors of IPD activities.

Your Sponsorship will help the institutional development of academic education, and will be of great help to support in the form of scholarships, motivated and needed participants (particularly students or other, participants from the developing countries), who could positively change the situation in their country, build more a peaceful environment and pave the way for a better future in their respective societies.

We believe as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy policy of your Institution or your personal philanthropic will, sponsoring one of the IPD Programs serves as a unique opportunity to give back to the community.

Each of the sponsor`s name will be publish in the promotional materials of the event and we will place the banner of the sponsor in the event room. We could also arrange placing separate table for the sponsor to promote its products during the Event.

To become a Sponsor please contact us by email.

Contact person for any Questions:


Mr. Fakhrinur Huseynli


Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD / Institut für Frieden und Dialog

Address: Hegenheimerstrasse 175, 

4055 Basel, Switzerland

Cell number: +41 76 431 61 70




We are looking forward to see you in our Executive Diploma Program