Who we are  

Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) is an independent, international non-profit and non-religious institute located in Lucerne, Switzerland where it dedicates itself in the promotion of the prevention  of conflicts between and within states by strengthening institutional dialogue between civil societies, international peace- and state institutions. To achieve its purpose, IPD can provide its beneficiaries with institutional broad research-survey outputs, publication of educational materials, implementation of academic-scientific programs, carrying out mediation, negotiation, reconciliation initiatives as well as reports. 

IPD invites state actors, policymakers, think tank centers, peace-builders, researchers, media and interested public actors for the cooperation and implementation of creative-innovative, effective and sustainable initiatives for the sake of empowering constructive intercultural dialogue, global governance, peaceful conflict transformation, active world citizenship, human security and responsible leadership.

Our Mission

Our vision is the education of an institutionalized civil society platform in peace-building, conflict transformation and intercultural dialogue, to convey a peaceful approach and behavior.

Our Vision

Our mission is to empower civil society capacities in peace-building, peace mediation and peace education to build up a solution-oriented positive thinking in their works in order to have an impact for the whole society.   


NEW 3rd International Summer Academy in Peacebuilding, Mediation, Intercultural Dialogue & Justice

 16.08 - 26.08.2015  Baar, Switzerland  

Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is very glad to announce its next International Summer Academy in Peacebuilding, Mediation, Intercultural Dialogue and Justice which is going to be held in Switzerland during the 16-26 August 2014. Its image as one of the most favourable places for travelling has made it more interesting to offer an exited and comprehensive program for our participants. Our experts, who are professionals in their fields, will contribute to this event, with many years of experience in peace and conflict studies

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